• Stay connected between your devices with the new Navman SmartGPS

    With the free companion app, search and send your favourite locations wirelessly to your SmartGPS using WiFi or Bluetooth.

    Made for iPhone and Android
  • Avoid nasty speeding fines with the new Navman SmartGPS

    Be notified while on the move of mobile speed camera and police hotspot locations, speed limit alerts, school zones, speed and red light camera locations.

About Your SmartGPS

Stay up to date while on the move.
Stay connected and up to date while on the move.

As a leader in navigation for almost 20 years, Navman understands the changing world we live in. The new SmartGPS is all about convenience and ease. It’s about using the right device at the right time. A smartphone, computer or tablet for the search and an in car GPS for the guidance and safety. Truly the best of all worlds!

The Navman SmartGPS not only harnesses the power of your smartphone to give you the most up to date, live information that is relevant to your location, but can also work independently, navigating you through your day.

Search for addresses, read reviews or locate businesses conveniently on your computer, tablet or smartphone and send the address to your SmartGPS wirelessly. In your car the SmartGPS gives you access to relevant info, combining multiple apps including mobile speed camera alerts, petrol prices, Yelp (AU) or Menumania (NZ) and Foursquaredeals and reviews,live traffic and weather, onto theone GPS screen.

  • Speed Limit Alerts
    Speed Limit Alerts
  • Live Traffic Updates
    Live Traffic Updates
  • 3D Juction Views
    3D Juction Views
  • Landmark Guidance
    Landmark Guidance
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
    Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
    Bluetooth Handsfree
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Even More Features

Stay connected and up to date while on the move.
  • Bluetooth Handsfree

    Your Navman SmartGPS comes with Bluetooth so you can not only receive addresses from your Smartphone companion app directly to your SmartGPS, but your SmartGPS can be used as a handsfree kit. To keep you safer while on the move.

  • Landmark Guidance

    Navman is the only GPS in Australia that has Landmark Guidance. A safety feature that guides you like a local would. Landmark Guidance uses visual references such as Petrol stations, Churches or traffic lights in the audible directions. Eg: In 200 metres, after the petrol station at the traffic lights turn left into Smith St’. This feature gives you confidence that the next turn you are making is the right one.

  • Internet Browser

    If what you are looking for is not available on the SmartGPS database, set up your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot and use the large 5 inch screen on your SmartGPS to surf the net and search the world wide web for more information and locations. This means you don’t need to copy and paste the address once you have found it. Simply copy it from the browser and paste it in the address bar to be directed there.

  • Smart Search

    The Navman SmartGPS search functionality allows you to search in multiple ways for an address or business, delivering flexibility in what you enter to find your destination. You can use the full address, part address, keyword, part words or business names to search the database. You can also filter the databases the SmartGPS searches so as to narrow down your matches. Choose the full list which includes all of the suburbs, addresses and points of interest from our map supplier, Here™ as well as Foursquare and Yelp databases. Or you can choose only the Points of Interest and Yelp / Foursquare lists. You can also filter the results by distance to your location or relevant matches to your keywords. More of the ‘smarts’ of this new era in GPS.

  • Screen View Customisation

    The Navman SmartGPS allows you to fully customise the tile view on your SmartGPS screen. You can choose to have a full map screen with no scrolling tiles. You can have two tiles which is the default in navigation mode or 4 tiles in free drive mode. To hide or reveal more tiles, simply use the scroll bar at the top of the map screen to move the tile view. To customise what displays in each tile, much like the apps on a Smartphone, you can move them around when all  eight tiles are on screen.  To set your four most important tiles, you need to move those tiles into the four left positions on your SmartGPS.

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How the Cloud Works

Set up an account on the SmartEco location based cloud where you can manage your contacts, save your favourites, plan trips and your wishlist searches. The SmartEco syncs this info across to your SmartGPS seamlessly, then allows you to use this info via the companion app on our smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to use your SmartGPS

Download user manual

Explore the basics in setting up and using your Navman SmartGPS.

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How to set up
Wifi Sync
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Download Companion App, Search and Send
to SmartGPS
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Live Traffic
Updates and Re-route
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How to access
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One Touch
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Reviews and Offers from Yelp and Foursquare
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Customise your
SmartGPS Experience
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How to enter
an Address
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SmartGPS Tile View and Customisation
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Social and Dynamic Content

Stay up to date with the latest information and offers based on your location.

yelp foursquare

Discover new places or read reviews from Yelp (AU) or Menumania (NZ) before you stop for a coffee or meal and receive offers and more info via Foursquare based on your location.


Want to find the cheapest petrol on your route? Receive up to date petrol prices from Motormouth and be guided there.

Mobile Speed Cameras

Don’t get caught out and avoid fines with mobile speed camera locations and known police hotspots.


Stay informed of accidents, traffic incidents or congestion, roadworks or closures on your route with Live Traffic Updates from SUNA, with the option to reroute.

Weather Updates

Set your SmartGPS to sync daily and get weather updates including a 7 day forecast.


No need stay connected, just sync your social and dynamic content daily, weekly or whenever you choose when you are at home or work or in a WiFi hotspot. This will ensure all your content is up to date and relevant.

Where to buy the SmartGPS

Store Locator

Search for your nearest Navman SmartGPS stockist either by postcode or by suburb.
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The Navman SmartGPS
Companion App

SmartGPS comes with a free companion app that you, or your passenger, can search and send locations to your GPS as well as navigate on foot to your destination using the map overview on the app.

Made for iPhone

The Navman SmartGPS Companion App